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Book Reviews

I have been reviewing books for 5 years. This blog and its contents are personally written and edited by me. I am not a professional reviewer. My goal is to share my love of reading with others and help people select books that they will love and enjoy. I accept books for review from contests, authors and publishers, who do not influence my opinions. Additionally, I am not compensated to provide my honest reviews on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own. I do not review poetry, photography, self-help, erotica or science fiction. If you’d like to send me a book to review, please email me at

Book Blurbs

These are borrowed from, or the book’s jacket. Quotes from ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) may be changed or deleted in the final format of the book.

Book Ratings

I’ve labeled/tagged my books to the best of my ability.
My star system has been reconfigured as ½ stars have become vitally important in rating a book:

5 – Absolutely perfect. I was nourished and fulfilled.
4.5 – Loved the book and would highly recommend.
4 – Liked the book a lot and would recommend it to everyone.
3.5 – Really enjoyed the book.
3 – Liked it well enough but could easily put it down.
2.5 – Has enough redeeming reasons to be read.
2 – I finished it just because, but often didn’t bother.
1 – Don’t bother.

* No rating – Because I either know the author personally, is a colleague or business associate; I choose not to offer a numbered rating. Also, non-fiction business, self-help, parenting, diet or travel books fall under the No rating umbrella.